Friday, February 5, 2016

To Love

I just started following a scripture writing plan for the month of February and this was today's passage. 

It hit me hard. As I was reading I became so convicted in my lack of love toward my husband and my children.

Last night I lost it. I screamed and disciplined one of my children in anger over a bottle of spilled soap. An entire brand new bottle of soap. On purpose. 

Love is patient and kind. 
The rest of the list seems to fall under one or the other, at first thought. So I am going to meditate on what those words mean. 
I want to let this soak into my heart. 

I am so thankful for His mercy and His grace. 

Father, thank you for Your great love. Unimaginable, reckless love. You delight in showing mercy and I am broken and humbled that You would love me in my mess.  Forgive me for acting impatient and unkind to these children You have placed in my life. Teach me how to love like this. Would You fill me with a great love for my husband and my children to live out Your gospel and Your great example of love. 
Help me, Father, to be patient and kind to my children. Thank you for bringing conviction of the ways I fall short. I know Your Holy Spirit is at work in my heart. Soften my heart to love as You love. 

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