Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My light and my salvation

Father, You are my light and my salvation. I have no one to fear. My heart will not fear and I will be confident when accusations and insults come against me. 
I ask one thing, That I may dwell with You. You are my protector. I will offer my sacrifice with joy and singing. 
Please Father, don't hide Your face from me. Out of all the worthless things in this earth, Your face is all I seek. 
Psalm 27

Monday, March 21, 2016

All is vanity

Father, use Ecclesiastes to help me dig deep into my heart to see that nothing will bring me fulfillment or satisfaction other than living my life walking with you and living for you. Help me to see that as things may crumble around me at times, it is for your purpose. I ask that the meaningless of life would not depress me, but open my eyes to see that it is all worthwhile when I give up myself for you and the sake of your kingdom. Make my roots deep, Father. 
Ecc. 1:1-6

Friday, March 18, 2016


Father, while times are getting more and more intense in this world You don't leave us hopeless. You have let us know the end. We know and see clearly that Satan is hard at work because he knows his time is short. Thank you that I can be an overcomer  by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Help me to understand what that means and to stand in it. Thank you for the blood of Christ which cleanses all our sin. Help me to have a larger perspective than just the here and now, but because of Your word I have hope for the future, beyond this life. 
Revelation 12

Thursday, March 17, 2016

My words

Father, as I go through this day please use my words to bring life to those around me. I pray that my words will uplift my husband and my children. Let your Holy Spirit convict me when unkind words come out of my mouth and help me to be quick to confess and repent.  I know I need you to accomplish this. Help me to lay down my pride and walk in your humility, to speak with kindness in the words and tones I choose, just as you have spoken your words of life to me. 
Proverbs 16

Jealous God

Father, thank you for your beautiful Word that gives us glimpses into your character. You are a jealous God and You will not share an altar with any other. You are mighty in power and You alone are God. Father, help me to put to death my waivering between two opinions and to follow only You. Thank you that You are alive, You hear us and You do answer us. Thank you that You take impossible situations and You show Your glory and power in them. You will always get the glory and all people will one day see Your power. 
You alone are God. 
1 kinds 18:20-39

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Walk in truth and love

Father, thank you for your grace, mercy and peace, from You and from Christ, in truth and love. Father, help me to walk in your commandments to love one another. Help me to watch myself so that the deceiver may not deceive me. Help me to abide in Your teachings and to know them, that I may not be led away from You. Teach me what it is to walk in truth and what it is to love in truth.  My desire is to walk in Your truth. 
2 John 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sweeter than honey

Father, oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day!  How sweet are your words to me. Sweeter than honey. Teach me your ways and incline my heart to obey you to the end. I am your servant. Give me understanding that I may know your testimonies. That I may know you. Turn to me and be gracious to me, as is your way with those who love your name. 
Psalm 119

Love your enemies

Father, thank you for the example that you gave us in Jesus who was full of love. As I think on the last day of His life, He did exactly what He asks us to do. Now Father, as I walk through this life help me day by day to love my enemies, to do good to those who hate me, to bless those who curse me and to pray for those who persecute me. You have told me that all these things will happen if I am a true follower of Christ. Help me to see my hate and to kill it with your deep love for the people around me. Only in You can I do this in me. Help me, Father. 
Luke 6

Return and rest

Father, you are full of grace, mercy and justice. You wait to be gracious to me. You exalt yourself to show mercy to your people. Help me to return to you and rest in you. Draw me to yourself in quietness and in trust. You are the one who gives me strength. Father, don't allow me to harden my heart, but to keep it soft and keep me walking in repentance. Teach me to be full of grace and mercy like you are. I will wait for you. 
Isaiah 30

For such a time as this

Father, thank you for your sovereignty in choosing me to be born in this time in history. Thank you for adopting me as your daughter according to the purpose of your will. Thank you that I have been forgiveness through your Son, Jesus. And that you are making known to us the mystery of your will according to your purpose in Christ, for the fullness of time to unite all things in heaven and on earth in Christ. Thank you for the hope I can cling to in these crazy times on the world. Knowing you know the end from the beginning brings me peace even though I know times will not get easier here on this earth. Thank you for the Holy Spirit to guide me and for the heavenly inheritance I have in Christ. Holy Spirit, have your way in your people and help us to live for your glory in such a time as this. 
Esther 4, Eph. 1

My strength and my song

Father, I will praise you for your great wonders. You are mighty and glorious in power. You will reign forever. 
You lead your redeemed in steadfast love and you guide them by your strength. 
You are my strength and my song. 
You are my salvation and my God. 
Exodus 15