Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sarah and her Calling

Father, You are faithful and You always keep Your word. Thank You for Your example of Sarah and how You protected her and fought for the calling You placed on her life. 
Over and over we see Abraham giving over to fear of man by giving his wife away to other kings or even giving her own role over to another woman. But every time, You came to the rescue. You spoke and saved her. 
You gave Sarai a new name and told her husband that she alone would be the mother of a great nation. 
You chose her. 
You also choose us. You place callings on our lives and we allow our enemy to take those callings away or even give them away ourselves because we don't understand what You are doing. 
Help me to stop giving my callings away because of my fear. Help me to recognize when my enemy is trying to steal from me and help me to stand firm in what You have told me and to wait for You to rescue me without making my own way out. 
Thank You for being faithful. 
Genesis 12, 17 & 20

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