Friday, December 16, 2016


Father, when the call wasn't quite what I expect it to be, I do want to run from your presence. Run to my comfort, away from what pulls me out of where I feel safe. 

I see myself in Jonah. I want to run and hide. How crazy is it to think I can hide from you, but I think I can. I act like I can... by not fulfilling the calling you have because of my fear of the unknown. Trying to stay "normal" and under the radar. 

Help me to surrender and walk in obedience to you. 

As Jonah repents and obeys, we see a nation who turn, repent and believe you. Help me to repent from my disobedience so that the people around me may see you at work and believe you. 

Because belief changes us. And you change everything about me, as I surrender to you. 


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