Friday, February 24, 2017


Father, Moses begged you to go with the children of Israel and not send them out alone. You were tired of their disobedience but Moses wouldn't let you forget the promises you made. Again, I see the process in Moses and not in you forgetting. You could never forget. 

You said that your presence would go with them and that you would give rest. 

Then you took Moses and told him where to stand so that you could show him your glory. You had to hide him in the cleft of the rock and he could only see your back after you passed. 

Father, when you are the closest I can't even see you. You hide me. But you long for me to see you. 

Once you passed, Moses could see your goodness. I know you do the same for me. When I am in the most intense part, you hide me. You are the closest then, but I cannot see your goodness until the other side and know you have been there close to me all along. 

Thank you that your Holy Spirit is a gift of your presence to me and as I am found in you, I will be in rest. In you. Keep hiding me in you. 

Exodus 33

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