Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Father, you asked for those with willing hearts. For hearts that were stirred to give and to serve. You didn't want obligation. You wanted hearts open wide to pour out of themselves. 

You didn't ask them to do the work on their own, but you gifted them with your Holy Spirit. Filled them with Him. So that they would be filled with skill, intelligence, knowledge and craftsmanship. They worked in the power of your Spirit. 

Then they brought so much that Moses had to restrain them from giving any more. They poured out their abundance to build your dwelling place. That you would dwell among them. 

Oh Father, that you would fill me with your Spirit so that I can do the work. My heart is willing. I want to pour out. Father, make me generous with my time and all my abundance. 

Give me the skills, gifting, knowledge and intelligence that I need to fulfill the work that you ask to be done. 

Thank you that you no longer live in tents, but in human hearts. And just as all the pieces of the tabernacle fit together to make one whole, you do the same with your children. We are one. Father full us and use us and our willing hearts for your glory and you fame. 

Exodus 36 

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