Friday, July 7, 2017


Father, you tell me to keep your words, treasure your commandments, keep your commandments and teachings. To bind them on my fingers and write them on my heart. 

Father, as I see a finger bound and unable to move freely, I wonder what exactly you mean. Nothing can be done with this bound finger without extreme care taken to not accidentally remove the binding, because it protects from pain. 

I always stumble into the meaning. Father, your commands and teachings are to be the binding that protects me from pain caused by sin... injury. The pain may come but the binding is there to hold me together. All my thoughts go to that binding as protection. 

Help me to bind myself with your words, your teachings and commands as a protection. Help me to see it in that way instead of a burden to hinder. Thank you that you have given your word to me to bind me in. Write your words on my heart and I bind them on myself. 

Proverbs 7

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