Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Father, I love all of the pictures of bread throughout the Scriptures. 

When Adam and Eve had to leave the garden and make their own bread, because they took things into their own hands. The children of Israel were given manna from heaven to teach them that their dependence was on you and there was no other way. And in the tabernacle there always had to be the bread of Presence, to signify your constant presence and you are always the one who provides my needs. 

Jesus revealed himself in so many ways as the Bread of Life and how He was the only one who could truly satisfy all our needs. 

Father, help me to run to you as my only satisfaction and fulfillment in this world. Help me to never see the option of going one day without feeding my soul with your whisper of truth. 

You are my satisfaction. You are my daily manna. You are my bread of Presence. You are I Am. 

John 6

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