Monday, April 3, 2017


Father, I plan, schedule, worry and stress about it all and how it all will fit together and work out. 

I plan out the days,  the months and the years. I think I have a final goal and that if I do it the right way it will all go according to how I plan for the perfect outcome. 

But really I don't. Job reminds me that you hold the months and you appoint the limits of all my days and how they are lived out. 

Help me to let my fists unclench from the stress and the plans. Why haven't I learned this by now? Help me to breath it all out and relax and lean back into your will and your plans. Help me to remember that worry doesn't add a day to my life and you hold it all in your hands. Your strong sovereign hands. Thank you Father. I know you hold me. 

Job 14


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