Monday, June 5, 2017

He prayed

Father, Jesus prayed for the disciples hours before His arrest, and in that I see His prayer for me. Thank you for this example in scripture. 

Jesus prayed that you would be glorified in His life and death. He prayed that you would protect the word that He had given from you,  in the lives of believers. He prayed that you wouldn't take them out of this world but that you would keep them from the evil one. He prayed that you would sanctify your people with the truth of your word. He prayed that we would know that you sent Him and know that you love us even as you loved Him. And that the same love that you loved Him with, would be in us. 

All so rich and deep. Father, will you do these things in your people. Be glorified in my life and my death to self. Protect the word you have placed in my heart. Don't take me out of the world, but thank you that I have protection from the enemy because of the blood of Jesus. Sanctify me with the truth of your word daily. Help me to know the depth of your love for me and that that same love would be in me. 

Thank you that I can have joy knowing all the things Christ has done for me and the life I can have because of Him. Even in death, may You be glorified. 

John 17

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