Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Father, help me to follow the example of Paul and to boast in my weaknesses. Help me to see them as an opportunity to rest in your strength. Help me to daily examine myself to see if I am living in faith of Jesus Christ and not in myself. 

Help me to daily rejoice! Because you have done great things for me! Help me to become mature in my interactions with others. Help me to be an encouragement and comfort to others, not drag them down. Help me to be of the same mind even in disagreements, the mind of peace. Peace in myself and peace with others. And Father, help me to life with arms flung wide open to my brothers and sisters. 

Thank you for the grace of the Lord Jesus making the way for me to come to you. Thank you for your great love, that you loved me so much you gave your son for my redemption. And thank you for your gift of the Holy Spirit so that I may have constant fellowship with you. You always give good gifts. 

2 Corinthians 13

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