Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Father, you always bring me back to your love. Everywhere I turn right now. Your steadfast love. I can't run from it. I don't understand the depth of it. But I know you are calling me deeper into love. Your perfect love. Love that woos me, love that challenges me, love that changes me. And love that compels me. Love that compels me to be who you created me to be, to walk hand in hand with you knowing the depth of the security I have only in you, because of the blood of Jesus. For God so loved the world that he sent.... you gave all. Because of love for me. It feels childish and shallow at first, like a child's song. But to live in it is so different. Maybe if we knew the depth of it as a child we wouldn't struggle to live in that love. 

Father, would you show me the depth of your love? Your word tells me that Christ's love compels us, but if I'm not being compelled by your love, do I truly know your love? Father, write it deep in my heart. Teach me of your steadfast love. 

Lamentations 3

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