Monday, June 19, 2017

Most High

Father, this Psalm hits me right where I am. In sin and struggling, rebellion and turning away. You discipline them and then they remember. 

Father, help me to always remember you!! 

In the struggle, wrestling and frustration with my own family, I forget my calling to them. I do not walk in grace and truth. I spout off lies to them. Lies of works and performance, lies of my peace and comfort being important. I forget you. And my sin is thrown in my face as I realize I have forgotten you. 

Father, I am weak and you are my rock! Unmoving and stable when I fall and fail. You are the one who redeems me, because I certainly could never redeem myself, even in my striving. 

Help me, Father, to remember your calling on my life to these people you have placed in my care. You are my only hope. Thank you that it is always your kindness that leads me to repentance. 

Psalm 78

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