Friday, June 9, 2017


Father, it poured and poured. You rained down judgement and death. So that all could be made new in hopes of repentance. 

You saw all the destruction... I wonder how your heart felt. Then you promised never to flood the earth again. Of course you knew that repentance would not replace all the sin. But you still promised. 

I was born dead in the spirit but you offered me hope and a way because there was no other. Jesus is my hope and the one whom all my promises are fulfilled in. 

Father, help me to live in that promise. The promise of new life. The promise that all I need is found in him. That I have all hope in the cross. 

This covenant given to Noah is the same. Found in you I am safe even with danger all around.  The waters spring and pour all around, some things I have never seen before. While I deal with the effects of these things, they never affect my security in you. 

Thank you for your promises and that you always fulfill them. 

Genesis 9

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